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Kafka - Rewind Consumer Offsets

One of the most important features from Apache Kafka is how it manages Multiple Consumers. Each consumer group has a current offset, that determine at what point in a topic this consumer group has consume messages. So, each consumer group can manage its offset independently, by partition.

This offers the possibility to rollback in time and reprocess messages from the beginning of a topic and regenerate the current status of the system.

But how to do it (programmatically)?

Scaling Kafka with Docker Containers
kafka docker

In this post I will show how to use Docker containers to create and scale a Kafka cluster, and also how to create, scale and move topics inside the cluster.

Integrate Java EE 7 and Kafka using Avro and RxJava
java ee kafka avro rx

I decided to implement a naive integration between Java EE applications and RxJava/Kafka/Avro, to publish and subscribe to events.

You can go directly to that code, or check my approach: