Ingesting log files to sqlite

I recently was looking into how to analyze multiple related log files (e.g. application log from multiple instances), and found that sqlite may be enough :) The first step is ingesting content from log files into sqlite tables. sqlite-utils to the rescue! I was initially happy with having each line as a row and adding full-text support to the log column to query events. However, a Java log may span across multiple lines and the outputs may not be ideal — timestamps could be in 1 line, and the stack trace root cause in another one.
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sqlite can be used document and graph database

I found that the use-cases for sqlite keep increasing now the JSON is supported. This week I found the following presentation: https://www.hytradboi.com/2022/simple-graph-sqlite-as-probably-the-only-graph-database-youll-ever-need Which makes the case for a simple graph schema, and using SQL out-of-the-box functionality to store graphs and execute traversal queries. This repository is actually based on this one focused on JSON support and document databases: https://dgl.cx/2020/06/sqlite-json-support
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Explore Kafka data with kcat, sqlite, and Datasette

I have been playing with Datasette and sqlite for a bit, trying to collect and expose data efficiently for others to analyze. Recently started finding use-cases to get data from Apache Kafka, and expose it quickly to analyze it. Why not using Datasette?
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