Ansible has a debug mode to pause and troubleshoot

I have been running Ansible for a while now. My usual/naive way of debugging has always been adding a debug module[1], and get the execution running til that point. I figured that there are better ways to deal with this[2]. By using the debug mode, tasks will stop when failing (by default) and you’ll be able to introspect into the task, variables, and context when things failed. Even better, you’ll be able to re-execute if there was a transient error.
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Speed up your Oracle Database provisioning with Docker and Ansible

Warming up before AMIS 25th Conference event where I will be presenting with my friend and colleague Arturo Viveros (@gugalnikov) about Oracle SOA Suite provisioning, I want to share some practices that help us to provide Oracle Database instances between developers and improve our productivity.
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Ansible - an agentless provisioning

Ansible is an automation tool that is recognized for be simple and powerful at the same time. From my experience, I can say this is mainly because of its scripting language: YAML, and its agentless architecture.
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