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hashtag-outline  Jorge Esteban Quilcate Otoya

Peruvian, husband, software engineer, and immigrant in Norway and the UK.

Enjoying my journey working on distributed systems.

Started to contribute to Open-Source projects since 2016, including Apache Kafka and Zipkin.

Current interests:

  • Log-based streaming platform (Apache Kafka),
  • Stream processing (Kafka Streams),
  • Distributed Tracing (OpenTracing),
  • Metrics (Micrometer, Prometheus),
  • Cluster Scheduling (Nomad, Kubernetes),
  • Automation (Docker, Ansible)

hashtag-outline  Open-Source contributions

hashtag-outline  This site

This is Jorge Quilcate’s site since 2014.

This site was formally build using Jekyll, but I have migrate it to Hugo and hosted in GitHub. Theme is a fork of ‘pickles’ theme. Source can be found here.

It contains: